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Lane Stables is a horse riding school situated in the heart of the beautiful and leafy suburb of Constantia, Cape Town.

With over 25 years of experience in horsemanship and equine affairs, we specialize in teaching horse riding to children from 2-18 years as well as to adult beginner to advanced riders.


Riding Lessons for Children

Lane offers half hour private lessons for beginners and hour long group lessons for more experienced riders 6 years and over at R4,800 per term (incl VAT). During their weekly lesson (10 weeks, 1 lesson per week), children receive riding lessons in the arena and go on group outrides with their instructor. Children’s lessons take place from Monday to Friday, between 13:00 and 18:00.

Riding Lessons for Adults

If you have never been on horseback before or would like to get back into the saddle after some time off, Lane caters for all experience levels in their adult lessons. We offer half hour private beginner and hour long group lessons for the more experienced adult rider. Our adult lessons are on Tuesday or Thursday mornings from 08:30 onwards. Lessons cost R4,800 per term incl VAT (10 weeks, 1 lesson per week) and alternate between outrides and lessons in the arena.

We also offer...

Little Lane

Our Little Lane lessons are half hour private lessons, designed for riders from 4 to 6 years. Little Lane is taught between 13:00 and 15:00, Monday to Friday, at a cost of R3,200 per term (incl VAT). Little Lane lessons take place on our smaller ponies and consist of a 15 minute session in the arena and a 15 minute walk in the countryside.

Pony Rides

We offer 20 minute long, fun pony rides for children from 2 to 6 years, every weekday from 14:15 to 16:15, at a cost of R800 per term (incl VAT).

Pony Parties

Customized pony parties can be arranged upon request. We bring our ponies to your venue and the children enjoy riding, interacting with and learning about the ponies, creating special memories with their friends. Each pony has their own groom, saddle and bridle and we will provide helmets.

Contact Us

For more information and to check availability, please get in touch!

16 Brounger Road, Constantia, Cape Town
021 794 1574 (Laura Smith – 9am to 1pm)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The office is open most mornings from 09:00 until 12:00.

You can reach us telephonically on 021 794 1574. The best way to contact us though is via email on ridingschool@lanestables.co.za – as we tend to be in the office odd hours.

Please do not phone the instructors on their cell phones.

Long pants must be worn, no shorts please, even if it is hot! Crops are essential when riding in a group. These are not to beat the pony but are rather an aid to encourage him to keep moving without you / your child having to flap legs everywhere and develop a bad position. Hair to be neatly tied up, loose hair can cause an accident. Shoes with heels are compulsory. Gloves are highly recommended.

We have hats for beginners to borrow but own hats are compulsory when riding in a group.

Protective headgear complying with the European(EN), British (PAS), North American (ASTM) or Australian/New Zealand testing standards are required for all children and adults – while these are expensive to purchase, they are protecting a very valuable asset, you or your child. These are the minimum standards set down by the riding fraternity and we will be very strict about this.

No hats with pieces of elastic holding them on or hats that do not fit will be acceptable. If you or your child drops the hat excessively or has a bad fall where they are concussed – the hat must be thrown away as the safety features will no longer work. For this reason it is not recommended to buy a second hand hat. If your child is brought to riding with the incorrect headgear or footwear we will not let them ride – for their own safety.

It needs to be acknowledged by parents that while we take all necessary precautions in our lessons – both with the tack used and the ponies selected for the school – accidents can happen and children can get hurt. In the majority of cases when a pupil falls off, no harm is done other than a few bumps and scratches. However, should anything more serious occur we need to make it clear that we as a school or our teachers and staff as individuals are not liable for any claims which may arise.

We expect your son/daughter to be delivered to each lesson suitably dressed for the prevailing weather conditions.

If there is a cloudburst or it is raining so hard as to make riding impossible, a theory lesson will be held undercover at the stables. In practice this very seldom happens and in most cases lessons continue in the rain.

Always arrive ready to ride as you never know when it may clear up!

If you or your son/daughter is unable to attend a lesson, we require 24 hours notice to enable us to attempt to reschedule the vacancy.

Please understand that to give a lesson, we need to schedule a pony and have it tacked up and waiting. Notifying us a few hours before the lesson is due that you wish to cancel, while helpful, does not allow sufficient time to try and fill the vacancy. That is why we still have to charge you for the unused lesson.

If you wish to cancel a lesson, please email the office: telling the instructor is not an option, as by the end of the day they may well have forgotten. It is up to you to email the office to reschedule the lesson and remember that the lesson is only valid for the term it was missed.

We follow the school terms as closely as possible and give ample warning when our term is about to close.

Lessons normally stop on the Friday after government schools break-up and start again on the Monday of the week those same schools go back. Notice of the exact days is given with your account. Unless we receive adequate notice that a student will not be attending a lesson or lessons, you will be charged accordingly.

Lessons continue as normal on Public Holidays that fall in the week during the term.

Outrides are taken every third week with our younger students and every second week with our adult classes.

If you do not wish your son/daughter to take part in outrides, please let the office know. When the rest of the lesson goes out, he/she will join one of the groups left at the stables if there is space.

We will only take the children out once we feel that they are ready to cope and the routes we take them on have pedestrian crossings on the busy roads or they stay away from roads altogether.

Outrides are a very important aspect of learning to ride and being able to enjoy a ride on a horse in the greenbelts or on holiday is what horse riding is all about.