Riding Hats

We have hats for beginners to borrow but own hats are compulsory when riding in a group.

Protective headgear complying with the European(EN), British (PAS), North American (ASTM) or Australian/New Zealand testing standards are required for all children and adults – while these are expensive to purchase, they are protecting a very valuable asset, you or your child. These are the minimum standards set down by the riding fraternity and we will be very strict about this.

No hats with pieces of elastic holding them on or hats that do not fit will be acceptable. If you or your child drops the hat excessively or has a bad fall where they are concussed – the hat must be thrown away as the safety features will no longer work. For this reason it is not recommended to buy a second hand hat. If your child is brought to riding
with the incorrect headgear or footwear we will not let them ride – for their own safety.